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Daisy Mottier-Beltrami

Born in Geneva, DMB has spent many years abroad: Spain, Middle-East, USA, India.  Being considered a versatile artist she prefers not to be recognized through any particular style. She always paints influenced by emotions emerging from relevant moments in her personal life or from the impact of current events in the outside world. In 2008, she threw herself into an adventurous “Painting-Music-Dialogue”, drawing sumptuous parallels between her two passions. This new source of inspiration brought to her painting yet another dimension, marked by a more structured approach, and possibly a more personal and unique aesthetic conception. By exhibiting her works Daisy is aiming at finding interaction through contacts, thus exposing herself to viewers which inevitably will be a source of reflection and renewal.


17, ch. des Etroubles   CH-1232 CONFIGNON (Genève)

0041 22 757 3466           daisymottier@vtx.ch            

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