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Stabat Mater

Vision of the Composer 

Subjectively but very present, painting slips into harmony...In music one speaks constantly of colour.  In painting, of tones. The ?nbsp;Stabat Mater ? expresses a mother's suffering as she watches her son dying upon the Cross.  In the pictorial works shown here, Daisy Mottier-Beltrami has remained faithful to this theme. The musical work is composed of four episodes or movements and expressed by the orchestra, the choirs which represent the people, and the soloist who is the Mother. 



Whether in the representation of the four movements or in the individual variations in diverse formats, we find in all these paintings the same harmonic and emotional continuum.  Each picture contains in its subjectivity the spaces and colours which we can consider perhaps as an effect of decoration, but which strive never to be separated from the musical work